The next level

What even is time? We thought we knew where things were going, and suddenly we lived 20 years in the space of two. I’ve had this site to back up my small business, and have had so many plans to expand it – but then time decided to have its way with us.

The good news is that, however slowly or quickly, time marches on. Cue the lights: The Dragonfly Charmer is ready for a new close-up. I’m turning back to my roots as a writer, and stepping forward into my newer role as a teacher-auntie, all at once.

Whether you’ve followed me for a while, or you’re just discovering me, I hope you’ll explore my content and make me a part of your journey. Today I’m launching Dragonfly Academy, a Patreon designed to be a learning space for Tarot and spirituality. You’re invited to follow along and share your support as I develop materials and media to make the esoteric more accessible.

As a Houston local, my day-to-day focus has shifted, but I still spend time at my two favorite places. At Indigo Moons, I promote events, update the website, and write blog posts for the Indigo Muse; and one day a week at Pixie’s Intent, I help stock herbs.

Last but not least: two years after my first live Tarot class, I’m finally teaching another one! If you’re in Houston, my Tarot Essentials class is coming to Indigo Moons on Saturday, February 26. Details coming soon…

However you’ve arrived, I’m so glad you’re here. I can’t wait to see where we’ll go together!